Indonesia: Improving Teacher Performance and Accountability (KIAT Guru) Phase 2

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Key Information

The objective of the Kiat Guru Phase 2 - Improving Teacher Performance And Accountability Project is to improve teacher presence and teacher service performance in pilot schools. The grant is mainly expected to include technical assistance to support implementation of the project through hiring of various consulting services assignments. It is also anticipated there will be procurement of small value goods and non-consulting services. Procurement under the grant shall be carried out under the World Bank’s Procurement Framework in accordance with the Procurement Regulations for IPF Borrowers dated July 2016 (revised November 2017 and August 2018) and the provisions of the Financing Agreement. The procurement capacity assessment identified that the proposed Grant Recipient, BaKTI, has adequate experience in carrying out procurement under previous Bank-financed projects however there was lacking resources assigned as designated procurement staff to efficiently manage procurement of the expected contracts identified under the current Bank-financed project.

Lead Implementing Government(s)



East Asia & Pacific


Government Affiliation

Government-affiliated program


2019 - 2020


Not applicable or unknown

Ministry Affiliation

Bursa Pengetahuan Kawasan Timur Indonesia (BaKTI)


COVID-19 Response


Geographic Scope


Areas of Work Back to Top

Education areas


  • School quality
  • Teacher training

Cross-cutting areas

Not applicable or unknown

Program participants

Target Audience(s)

Teachers - female, Teachers - male


Not applicable or unknown

School Enrolment Status

Population of interest is not school-aged

School Level

  • N/A

Other populations reached

  • Boys in school
  • Girls in school

Participants include

Not applicable or unknown

Program Approaches Back to Top

Policy/legal environment

  • System-wide review and reform

Reducing economic barriers

  • Conditional cash transfers to schools


  • In-service teacher training – pedagogy general
  • Pre-service teacher training – pedagogy general

Program Goals Back to Top

Education goals

  • Improved academic skills (literacy and numeracy)
  • Increased grade attainment

Cross-cutting goals

Not applicable or unknown