Female students sitting outside a classroom

Girls don’t have the luxury of a guessing game.
Now, we don’t have to play one.

Introducing the Girls’ Education Roadmap, a first-of-its-kind report that forges a shared path for global girls’ education, based on needs and evidence.

We reviewed thousands of studies and explored hundreds of organizations working across dozens of countries to figure out:

A pathway to progress rests on

  • The power of quality evidence
  • The impact of on-the-ground programming
  • The energy of informed advocacy
  • The promise of smarter investments

The entire global girls’ education community can accelerate progress by coming together as a field and forging a shared path based on needs and evidence. The Girls’ Education Roadmap can be our guide.

Venn diagram

OUR GOALS ARE SIMPLE: to make sure the entire sector invests in what works, and to ensure that researchers are focusing on answering the most urgent and important questions for the field.

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