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This programme will provide young Nepalis with the opportunities to improve their employability, productivity and decision-making. It will continue and expand FCDO’s ambition on skills training in Nepal, by providing skills training to at least 100,000 poor and disadvantaged young Nepalis - especially women- so that they can access better jobs and higher incomes. In response to the April 2015 earthquake, one component will focus FCDO resources on providing skills to Nepalis in earthquake-resistant housing construction to help with the enormous reconstruction needs in earthquake-affected districts.

Unlike many other skills training programmes, the Skills for Employment (SEP) programme takes a business-orientated approach to skills training with a specific focus on women and disadvantages groups. To date, SEP’s partnerships with businesses have resulted in 11,702 beneficiaries being trained and placed directly into employment. Of these beneficiaries, 4,297 are women, 7,856 are from disadvantaged groups, and 8 are people with disabilities. The migration component of the programme has extended support to 20,089 incoming/outgoing migrants in the form of affordable microfinance loans.

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South Asia


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Government-affiliated program


2015 - 2024


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COVID-19 Response


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  • Transition from school to work

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  • Vocational training

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  • Gender equality

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Boys out of school, Girls out of school


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All out of school

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  • Vocational

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Learning while working

  • Vocational training

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  • Increased employment/job-related skills