Strengthening Opportunities for Adolescent Resilience (SOAR)

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Key Information

Strengthening Opportunities for Adolescent Resilience (SOAR) seeks to empower adolescent girls who have never attended school, or who dropped out in early grades, to make positive life choices.

SOAR provides access to an integrated accelerated education model through which graduates acquire basic skills in literacy, numeracy, and financial literacy. Adolescent girls (and boys) are also equipped with the knowledge, self-confidence, vision, and relationships needed to engage in entrepreneurship and to participate in decision-making at home and in their communities. Globally, about 258 million children and adolescents are out of school. Millions of other children in low-income countries are not acquiring the basic literacy and numeracy skills needed for future livelihoods: It is estimated that only 15% of the children who complete lower secondary school in Sub-Saharan Africa have achieved basic proficiency in reading, while 10% have acquired basic skills in mathematics.

Lead Implementing Organization(s)


South Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa

India, Malawi, Nepal, Somalia, Zambia, Zimbabwe

Government Affiliation

Non-governmental program


2015 -


Not applicable or unknown

Ministry Affiliation



Sunbridge Foundation, Mary Jan Bancroft, Peierls Foundation, Procter & Gamble, Discover, SAP Concur

COVID-19 Response


Geographic Scope

Global / regional

Areas of Work Back to Top

Education areas


  • Primary enrollment
  • Secondary Enrollment


  • Transition from school to work

Other skills

  • Financial literacy
  • Life skills/sexuality education
  • Rights/empowerment education
  • Vocational training


  • Literacy
  • Numeracy

Cross-cutting areas

  • Early/child marriage
  • Economic/livelihoods (including savings/financial inclusion, etc.)
  • Empowerment
  • Other aspects of sexual and reproductive health
  • Social and gender norms and beliefs

Program participants

Target Audience(s)

Girls out of school, Youth


Not applicable or unknown

School Enrolment Status

All out of school

School Level

  • Lower primary
  • Upper primary
  • Lower secondary
  • Upper secondary
  • Vocational

Other populations reached

  • Boys out of school

Participants include

  • N/A

Program Approaches Back to Top

Learning while working

  • Vocational training

Life skills education

  • Gender, rights and power
  • Social and emotional learning (SEL) skills building

Reducing economic barriers

  • Financial literacy training

Tutoring/strengthening academic skills

  • Literacy - outside the classroom
  • Numeracy - outside the classroom

Women's empowerment programs

  • Empowerment training

Program Goals Back to Top

Education goals

  • Improved academic skills (literacy and numeracy)
  • Improved critical thinking
  • Improved social and emotional learning/skills and mindsets
  • Increased re-enrolment in school among out-of-school children

Cross-cutting goals

  • Improved financial literacy and savings
  • Improved sexual and reproductive health
  • Reduced child marriage

Additional Information Back to Top

Primary Contact

Katherine Begley
Senior Technical Advisor for Education, CARE USA