Funding For Girls Education Programs

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Key Information

STF Partners provide a nuanced, community-based approach to their interventions. This means that while each girl may have a slightly different educational experience, each is equipped with the skills she needs to survive and thrive in her environment. She’s the First provides flexible funding to these organizations. This ensures girls not only attend school, but also receive additional support that’s proven to work: mentorship, knowledge of sexual and reproductive health and rights, and life skills.

Lead Implementing Organization(s)


Latin America & Caribbean, South Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa

Ethiopia, Gambia, The, Guatemala, India, Kenya, Nepal, Peru, Sierra Leone, South Sudan, Uganda, United Republic of Tanzania

Government Affiliation

Non-governmental program


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Ministry Affiliation



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COVID-19 Response


Geographic Scope

Global / regional

Areas of Work Back to Top

Education areas


  • Primary completion
  • Secondary completion

Other skills

  • Rights/empowerment education


  • Teacher training


  • Literacy
  • Numeracy

Cross-cutting areas

  • Empowerment
  • Gender equality

Program participants

Target Audience(s)

Girls in school, Youth


Not applicable or unknown

School Enrolment Status

Some in school

School Level

  • Lower primary
  • Upper primary
  • Lower secondary
  • Upper secondary

Other populations reached

Not applicable or unknown

Participants include

Not applicable or unknown

Program Approaches Back to Top

Life skills education

  • Comprehensive sexuality education (CSE)
  • Sexual and reproductive health (including puberty education)

Mentoring/psychosocial support

  • Adult (non-teacher) mentors
  • Peer mentors

Reducing economic barriers

  • Addressing cost of school supplies

School-related gender-based violence

  • Support in and around schools (e.g. peer counseling, adult-to-student counseling)

Tutoring/strengthening academic skills

  • Literacy - in the classroom
  • Numeracy - in the classroom

Women's empowerment programs

  • Empowerment training

Program Goals Back to Top

Education goals

  • Increased school completion (general)
  • Increased years of schooling

Cross-cutting goals

  • Improved sexual and reproductive health
  • Increased agency and empowerment
  • Increased knowledge of HIV, puberty, and sexual and reproductive health
  • More equitable gender attitudes and norms