Learner Guides

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Key Information

Learner Guides are young women in the CAMFED Association, CAMA. Once themselves supported by CAMFED, they use their lived experience to return to their local school, volunteering at least 2 ½ hours per week for 12 to 18 months. Trained in delivering life and learning skills, as well as vital sexual and reproductive health information and psycho-social support, Learner Guides work with schools, communities and district governments to keep vulnerable children in school, and help them overcome their challenges. Beyond the classroom, they create an important home-school link, following up with children who drop out of school and working with communities to keep vulnerable girls safe from child marriage. In return for their commitment, Learner Guides can gain access to interest-free loans to grow their own businesses, on the basis that they are paying 'social interest' as role models and mentors. Learner Guides can also achieve a vocational (BTEC) qualification to fast-track them into teacher training colleges. Respected for their expertise at every level, these young women - who themselves were once among the most excluded - are multiplying the returns of their own education for the benefit of their communities.

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Government Affiliation

Non-governmental program


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Geographic Scope

Global / regional

Meets gender-transformative education criteria from the TES  


Areas of Work Back to Top

Education areas


  • Transition from school to work

Other skills

  • Life skills/sexuality education
  • Social and emotional learning


  • Curricula/lesson plans

Cross-cutting areas

  • Adolescent pregnancy/childbearing
  • Early/child marriage
  • Economic/livelihoods (including savings/financial inclusion, etc.)
  • HIV and STIs
  • Mentorship

Program participants

Target Audience(s)

Girls (both in school and out of school), Teachers - female, Youth


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School Enrolment Status

Some in school

School Level

Not applicable or unknown

Other populations reached

  • Other community members - female

Participants include

  • Orphans and vulnerable children

Program Approaches Back to Top

Community engagement/advocacy/sensitization

  • Community mobilization


  • Gender-sensitive curricula

Health and childcare services

  • Sexual and reproductive health services (including family planning)

Life skills education

  • Comprehensive sexuality education (CSE)
  • Sexual and reproductive health (including puberty education)
  • Social and emotional learning (SEL) skills building

Mentoring/psychosocial support

  • Adult (non-teacher) mentors
  • Teachers as mentors

Program Goals Back to Top

Education goals

  • Improved academic skills (literacy and numeracy)
  • Improved social and emotional learning/skills and mindsets
  • Increased re-enrolment in school among out-of-school children
  • Increased school completion (general)
  • Increased school enrolment (general)
  • Reduced absenteeism

Cross-cutting goals

  • Improved critical consciousness
  • Improved sexual and reproductive health
  • Increased employment/job-related skills
  • Increased knowledge of HIV, puberty, and sexual and reproductive health
  • Reduced adolescent pregnancy/childbearing
  • Reduced child marriage
  • Reduced poverty/increase household well-being