Background Information


East Asia & Pacific

World Bank income group

High income

Percent of population aged 10-24

No data available

Total primary school age population (both sexes)

1,997 (UIS, 2022)

Total secondary school age population (both sexes)

1,558 (UIS, 2022)

Proportion of women aged 20-24 years who were married or in a union before age 18 (% of women aged 20-24)


Source: UNSDG , 2007

Adolescent birth rate (per 1,000 women ages 15-19)


Source: UN Human Development Reports , 2015

Percentage of women who ever experienced physical violence since age 15

No data available

Percentage of married women employed in the last 12 months

No data available

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Number of years of free primary and secondary education guaranteed in legal frameworks (Years)


Source: UIS , 2022

Percentage of upper secondary schools providing life skills-based HIV and sexuality education within the formal curriculum or as part of extra-curricular activities Percentage of schools


Source: UNESCO , 2022

Proportion of schools with access to single-sex basic sanitation facilities Percentage of schools

  • Primary 100%


  • Lower secondary 100%


  • Upper secondary 100%


Source: UIS

Women as a percentage of teachers in tertiary education

No data available

Men as a percentage of teachers in pre-primary education Men as a percentage

Source: UIS , 2020

Expenditure on education as a percentage of total government expenditure % GDP spent on education

Source: UIS , 2018

Proportion of students at the end of primary education achieving at least a minimum proficiency level in reading

No data available

Proportion of students at the end of primary education achieving at least a minimum proficiency level in mathematics

No data available

Experiencing bullying in the last 12 months in lower secondary education

  • Female 38%

  • Male 40%

Female: UNESCO, 2011

Male: UNESCO, 2011

Youth not in education, employment or training

  • Female 49%

  • Male 33%

Female: ILO, 2021

Male: ILO, 2021

Completion rate

No data available
No data available
No data available

Out-of-school rate

Primary school
  • Female 7%

Female: UIS, 2019

No data available
Upper secondary school
  • Female 15%

Female: UIS, 2019

Legal Frameworks Back to Top

Presence of legislation on child protection, to prevent corporal punishment in schools


Limited protection from violence in educational institutions

Source: HerAtlas , 2019

Presence of legislation protecting the right to education without discrimination based on sex/gender


Only enshrines the right to education or provides for a limited protection of this right

Source: HerAtlas , 2019

Presence of legislation to protect and facilitate education of pregnant adolescent girls


No explicit protection of the right to education of pregnant and parenting girls

Source: HerAtlas , 2019

Existence of processes to support coordinated action on gender equality in and through education by ministries, civil society, youth organizations and other actors

Data coming soon!

Existence of systematic processes to review and update curricula and learning resources, with a view to eradicating gender stereotypes and promoting gender equality

Data coming soon!

Training on gender-responsive pedagogies is embedded in teacher training programmes

Data coming soon!

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