Transformational Teacher Training for Kindergarten Teachers in the Eastern Region of Ghana

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Key Information

This 3-year project targets the systemic challenge of weak teacher capacity in the early years education sector in Ghana.

Firstly, the project delivers districtwide in-service training to every government kindergarten teacher across six districts of the Eastern Region. The training helps teachers to transform their teaching practice from rote-based teaching to delivering the Ghana Education Service kindergarten curriculum through an active, play-based pedagogy.

Secondly, the project helps to strengthen pre-service teacher training by supporting student teachers studying for their Bachelor of Education in Early Childhood Education. It does this through working with the two Colleges of Education in the Eastern Region to improve the practical placements for students in schools. The project establishes a network of Partner Schools containing Model Practice Classrooms in close proximity to the Colleges of Education that are able to host student teachers during their placements. The student teachers will receive high quality mentoring throughout their placement, which will best prepare them to implement the play-based pedagogy once they become Newly Qualified Teachers.

Over the three-year lifespan of the project, we will be able to reach approximately 1,000 teachers and 600 student teachers, leading to improved learning outcomes for 38,512 kindergarten children. 318 head teachers, College of Education lecturers and Ghana Education Service officers will be able to deliver training and monitor and sustain quality classroom practice. Parents will also be sensitized to the importance of early years education. Involving all relevant stakeholders is part of the projects holistic approach to supporting system-level change.

Lead Implementing Organization(s)


Sub-Saharan Africa


Government Affiliation

Non-governmental program


2020 -


Not applicable or unknown

Ministry Affiliation


COVID-19 Response


Geographic Scope


Areas of Work Back to Top

Education areas


  • Early childhood development


  • Curricula/lesson plans
  • Teacher training


  • Literacy
  • Numeracy
  • STEM

Cross-cutting areas

  • Social and gender norms and beliefs

Program participants

Target Audience(s)

Boys in school, Girls in school, Other, Spouses/partners, Teachers - female, Teachers - male, Youth


4 - 6

School Enrolment Status

All in school

School Level

  • Pre-school

Other populations reached

  • Fathers
  • Mothers
  • Other caregivers
  • Parent-teacher associations/school management committees

Participants include

  • N/A

Program Approaches Back to Top

Community engagement/advocacy/sensitization

  • Community-based monitoring (e.g. school report cards)
  • General awareness-raising/community engagement
  • Parent Teacher Associations (PTA)


  • Gender-sensitive curricula
  • Increased availability of learning materials

Mentoring/psychosocial support

  • Teachers as mentors

Policy/legal environment

  • Advocating changes to existing laws/policies

Social/gender norms change

  • Engaging parents/caregivers of students or school-age children/adolescents


  • In-service teacher training – pedagogy general
  • Pre-service teacher training – pedagogy general

Tutoring/strengthening academic skills

  • Literacy - in the classroom
  • Numeracy - in the classroom
  • STEM - in the classroom

Program Goals Back to Top

Education goals

  • Improved academic skills (literacy and numeracy)
  • Improved critical thinking
  • Improved social and emotional learning/skills and mindsets
  • Increased enrolment in primary school
  • Increased literacy
  • Increased numeracy
  • Increased school completion (general)
  • Increased school enrolment (general)
  • Increased years of schooling
  • Reduced absenteeism

Cross-cutting goals

  • Changed social norms
  • More equitable gender attitudes and norms
  • Reduced poverty/increase household well-being

Additional Information Back to Top

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Sabre Education